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AZURA System for Sugar Analysis Article No.: A46014

code : A46014

Dedicated system

Carbohydrates, alcohols, and organic acids are important in the manufacture of many foods, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels. This dedicated system is specially designed to separate and analyze these compounds. The heart of this system is the superior AZURA refractive index detector RID 2.1L with an outstanding linear range and sensitivity. More systems components are the column thermostat CT 2.1 and the isocratic AZURA pump P 6.1L for delivery of small flow rates (0.001 -10 ml/min) and pressure up to 700 bar. This price attractive system is developed to run simple and rapid methods that enable simultaneous determination of sugars, organic acids and alcohols. Therefore, an interesting application is the analysis of all major wine compounds (see our application note) for quality control.

Analytical system

Application area HPLC
Pump system Isocratic
Gradient None
Injection Handinjection
Detector Refractive index detection RI
Software ClarityChrom
Pressure 700 bar
Column thermostat Yes

Accessories AZURA System for Sugar Analysis Article No.: A46014