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S@femate ECO Green at the heart

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Green Evolution
S@femate ECO Class II (Type A2) Microbiological Safety Cabinet Series evolves from our bestseller S@femate Series adding an eco-friendly approach: the new EC Motorblowers enchance energy efficiency significantly reducing operating costs and improving building energy balance thanks to the lower heat output.

How does S@femate ECO benefits you?


  • It reduces your Energy Bill! Lower Power Consumption and Better Efficiency means money saving!
  • It guarantees a lower Heat Emission compared to the conventional AC motor. This reduces running costs as well thanks to lowered building cooling load.
  • It saves the Planet! Lower Energy Consumption and Highest Efficiency means less CO2 Emission and sustainable
    work flow.

• Low energy consumption EC motorblower

• Fully EN12469 certified by Tüv

• State of the art microprocessor control system.

• Large digital display, high resolution

• Air and aerosol-tight sliding sash, electrically operated by finger touch

• Alarms for low air flow and wrong front window position

• Sloped front and back wall for the most comfortable access

• Lateral windows

• Front access for filter maintenance and service

• C-shaped support stand for the easiest one man installation procedure

S@femate ECO Cabinets are supplied in four different sizes (0.9mt, 1.2mt, 1.5mt and 1.8mt). These last generation Microbiological Safety Cabinets Class II type A2, have been certified according to the most stringent safety standards (EN12469-2000). The internal design, the air flow aerodynamics and monitoring, the built-in safety devices and the very accurate manufacturing, guarantees the highest performances at the most stringent safety levels, as specified by EN12469 standard and have been certified by the most prestigious European certification bodies for Safety Cabinets. Certified intrinsic biological safety, combined with impressively competitive prices, gives the end user a state of the art cabinet accessible to every budget, that only experienced European design and accurate quality manufacturing, can provide. The ECO series evolves from our best seller series with a more eco-friendly approach: the new EC Motorblowers provide high efficiency while consuming less energy and the airflows as been designed in order to reduce noise pollution, while assuring the high level of operator, product and environment protection required by the EN12469-2000 standards

Main specifications

• Fully EN12469 certified by Tüv

• Microprocessor controlled EC motor blower, with volumetric sensor for exhausted air flow monitoring

• State of the art Microprocessor control system offering:

o Large screen monitor.

o Automatic control of preset airflow volumes.

o Sliding sash window with smart control.

o Permanent monitoring of HEPA filters life span.

o Alarms. Multilevel alarms, with redundancy functions.

o Permanent display of working conditions.

o Highest air flow stability both in case of transitional disturbances or to progressive filter clogging o Semi-automatic fumigation cycle (EN12297 tested and certified)

o Continuous monitoring of front barrier air flow for the highest operator safety

o Low barrier alarm

o Power failure alarm

• Volt-free contact for remote monitoring of exhaust fan.

Automatic reset of initial conditions in case of power failure

• C-shaped support stand for the easiest one man installation procedure 

Mechanical and functional specifications

• Sloped front design for the highest operational comfort. Sloped back side of the working chamber for the best down flow distribution (cabinet carcass EN12298 tested and certified for air tightness)

Utilities inlets from the top of the cabinet.

• Stainless Steel internal surfaces with 2B finishing (including spillage tray). Solid work surface (3 sections) and special designed front grill.

• Electrically operated sliding multilayer safety glass window (max opening at 120°)

• Comfortable 200mm front opening

• Comfortable lateral side windows

• Exposed exhaust Hepa filter for easy visual integrity check.

• H14 class High Efficiency Particulate Air filters with 99.999% efficiency on .3micron particles (most penetrating particle diameter) (EN1822-1 and EN 13091:1999 tested and certified)

• Both exhaust and Main Filters are equipped with a micromesh membrane located downstream which acts as airspeed equalizer expansion plenum, as well as a clear indicator of filter damages.

• Filter change and maintenance from the front of the cabinet.

• Exhaust transitions easily installable.

• Key operated. The key can be removed when the unit is in SAFE mode, in order to avoid unwanted operation. In case of power failure, the cabinet is re-set to original working conditions.

• Self calibration cycle performed when cabinet is switched on.

• High speed rinse and set up cycle performed, before reaching the SAFE operating mode.

• Visual display of SAFE conditions. Pre-warning before actual alarm conditions are reached (visual and acoustic alarms)

• Soft touch control with keys for standard service utilities. Interconnected UV and fluorescent lights.

• Exhaust and recirculating flow rates ensure 25 air changes/min in the working area (30% 70% split) •

Front barrier air speed ≥ 0.5mt/sec

• Aperture protection Factor (Apf) ≥ 1.5 x 10 exp 5

• Cleanability Index CC grade.(EN 12296 tested and certified)

• Light intensity on work surface > 900 lux.

• Noise level ≤ 56dB(A) 1.2 mt Model (ISO 11201, ISO 4871 and ISO EN 3744 tested and certified)

• Work surface displacement (vibration) <0.005mm RMS between 20Hz and 20,000Hz (ISO 5349 tested and certified)

• 230V, 50Hz • Max power (for each power point) 3Amps.

• Microprocessor equipped with analogical watch dog. 

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