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TRACE AI 1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

code : 1200 Atomic Absorption

The TRACE AI1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a fast and accurate system. Features such as the fast dry technology alongside the optional autosampler completely removes sample splatting, this details better detection whilst considerably shortening analysis time. Taking advantage of the multiple atomizer configurations allows for high-intensity analysis whilst providing the ultimate ease of use within multiple applications settings such as environmental, agricultural and clinical, as well as high throughput labs. The TRACE AI1200 features 300mm focus length and Czerny-Turner 1200 line/mm grating optics, this paired with both D2 and Smith-Hietftje background correction gives rise to greater performance.


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Peak performance: The 185-900nm wavelength provides the highest levels of accuracy and reproducibility with unmatched sensitivity on the market.

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Automatic switch between atomizer layouts: Using the software to change atomizer configurations removes the need for manual intervention, giving you complete ease of use.

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Unparalleled background correction: Utilizing both the deuterium and Smith-Hieftje background correction yields high intensity and truly efficient, time reducing analysis. The 1000 Hz modulation frequency is used for essential accurate correction.

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Quick and easy lamp upkeep: The lamps are easily accessible for simple adjustments and replacements, removing the need to completely disassemble the instrument.

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Unrestricted throughput: The optional autosampler is compatible with all types of labware on the market, giving you the confidence to stick with your tried and tested equipment.



System Configuration



Czerny-Turner mounted with 1200 line/mm grating

Focus Length



6 lamp turret

GF Video

Optional GF monitor

Patented Micro Volume Flame Analysis




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