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High Pressure Homogenizer Pharma Design

Kinematica developed together with ETH in Zurich the new ATOMIX® HPH with ideal properties for the nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharma industry.

The optimized double piston pump works electromechanically, which makes it quiet and low in vibration. The phase-shift of the two pistons allows pulsation-free conveyance and results in minimal pressure loss. No puffer tank is required for the pressure balance.

The optimized design of the plunger is ideal for pharma application because of its possibility for cleaning and sterilisation in place (CIP and SIP).

A motor with high efficiency was chosen, so no motor cooling is needed and there is no turbulent air flow.

The newly designed working chamber is a counter-jet type of interaction chamber with radial diffuser, which reduces cavitation to a minimum for longer performance, reducing the investment costs. A controlled flow guidance leads to an improved product quality and minimal dead zones for an improved product quality and reduced number of cycles.

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